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USA Import Data - A Statistical Customs Data Report on US Imports

The United States of America is one of the largest importers of electrical and electronic equipment. As we know China is the biggest producer of cutting technologies, so US import all kinds of electronic equipment from China. According to the USA import data of 2015, the country imported products under HS Code 85 the most in the said year. In fact, the share in value of this chapter to US total imports stood at 14.43%. As per the statistical data report on united states imports 2015, the country imported maximum products from China. This USA customs data has been revealed by Export Genius, a great and trusted source for import-export data. Find the other trade facts and figures of USA imports right here.

  • Highest Trade Value of Total United States Imports Recorded in Year 2014: USD 2410855476000
  • Last Year Trade Value of Total USA Imports: USD 2306822161000
  • Top Exporter Country from which USA Imported Products the Most in Year 2015: China (USD 502632478000)
  • USA Imported Electrical and Electronic Equipment the Most in Year 2015: USD 332870396000

Year 2009 saw a major shortfall in the trade value of total US imports. According to USA import data during 2001-2015, the country recorded a rise in the import value of total products till 2008. Then in 2009, the total figures of import products stood at USD 1601895800, which was down from previous year’s value USD 2164834031. Thereafter, USA registered an increase in the trade value of total imports till 2014. See the chart below to get the customs data of US imports of last 15 years.

Import Value 2001 (USD’000)
Import Value 2002 (USD’000)
Import Value 2003 (USD’000)
Import Value 2004 (USD’000)
Import Value 2005 (USD’000)
Import Value 2006 (USD’000)
Import Value 2007 (USD’000)
Import Value 2008 (USD’000)
Import Value 2009 (USD’000)
Import Value 2010 (USD’000)
Import Value 2011 (USD’000)
Import Value 2012 (USD’000)
Import Value 2013 (USD’000)
Import Value 2014 (USD’000)
Import Value 2015 (USD’000)

List of Top 10 USA Imports of 2015: Electrical, Electronic Equipment (14.43%); Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, etc. (14.28%); Vehicles Other Than Railway, Tramway (12.3%); Mineral Fuels, Oils, Distillation Products, etc. (8.72%); Pharmaceutical Products (3.73%); Optical, Photo, Technical, Medical, etc. (3.39%); Furniture, Lighting, Signs, Prefabricated Buildings (2.65%); Pearls, Precious Stones, Metals, Coins, etc. (2.53%); Organic Chemicals (2.26%) and Plastics (2.18%).

List of Top 10 Exporter Countries from which USA Imported Products the Most in 2015: China (21.8%); Canada (13%); Mexico (12.9%); Japan (5.8%); Germany (5.5%); Republic of Korea (3.2%); United Kingdom (2.5%); France (2.1%); India (2%) and Italy (2%).

US Import Data of Top 10 Importing Products of 2015

The customs import data of USA has revealed that the country imported electrical and electronic equipment the most in the financial year 2015-16. In fact, the largest importing partner of United States of America was China in the said period. And machinery stood as the 2nd largest import product of the country in 2015. Here is the list of top 10 importing products of 2015 along with their trade figures.

USA Import Product
2015 Import Value (USD'000)
2014 Import Value (USD'000)
Highest Import Value (USD'000)
Top Exporter Countries to USA in 2015 (USD'000)
Imports of Electrical, Electronic Equipment
332870396 (Year 2015)
China (135,864,792)
Imports of Automatic Data Processing Machines
85736819 (Year 2012)
China (51,635,415)
Imports of HS Code 84
331205458 (Year 2014)
China (106,858,353)
Imports of Cars
169138897 (Year 2015)
Canada (42,837,173)
Imports of HS Code 87
283754046 (Year 2015)
Mexico (74,896,815)
Imports of Crude Petroleum Oil
342801958 (Year 2011)
Canada (49,886,961)
Imports of HS Code 27
462775842 (Year 2011)
Canada (74,849,528)
Imports of Pharmaceutical Products
86073889 (Year 2015)
Ireland (15,188,396)
Imports of HS Code 90
78296285 (Year 2015)
Mexico (12,229,955)
Imports of 94
61165613 (Year 2015)
China (30,855,014)

Sample for Import Data of United States of America

So, now you must have got an idea about which products are being imported by the United States of America. If you run an export business and want to sell your products into the US market, then you must know about various things like US importers, demanded product and so on. For this, you need to buy import data of USA from a reliable market research company. See the two samples of United States imports and understand which USA import data fields will be covered in the customs data of US imports.

Sample 1 – HS Code 85

Product Description
856 Casesof Frozen Broccoli Temp: -10 Deg Farh.
USA Importer Name
Miami Agroimport Inc.
Importer Address
8298 N.W. 21 Th Streetmiami, Fl 331228298 N.W. 21 Th Street
Exporter Name
Agroindustria Legumex,Sa
Exporter Address
12 Ave. 6-15, Zona 2 Sector Lasmajadas El Tejar, Chimaltenango
Start Port
Chimaltenango, Gt
End Port
Wilmington, Del.
Manifest Quantity
Manifest Unit
Weight Unit

Sample 2 – HS Code 84

Product Description
848 Boxes With Tiles On 17 Pallets Hs-Code 690890
USA Importer Name
Grupo Sanimex Ayuntamiento Sa De Cv
Importer Address
Av. Hidalgo Independenciavia Morelos Km 15 5 Santa Clara
Exporter Name
Exporter Address
Ctra. Castellon-Alcora, Km.10,5
Start Port
End Port
Savannah, Ga.
Manifest Quantity
Manifest Unit
Weight Unit

This statistical customs data report on United States imports has been prepared by Export Genius, the best source for USA import export data. The trade information provided in this report is the most accurate as we have collected import data of USA from the US customs. Our database team has thoroughly checked the facts and figures of US imports. For more information about us and our market research services, visit at Also, do post your trade query on our website or write your USA import data requirement to blog Quick Enquiry Form just top & right side of this post. Trust us as we provide correct foreign trade data and reveal exclusive trade stories of countries and products as well.

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