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Cars Export Data of India 2015 - Trade Statistics of India's Car Exports

India’s vehicles other than railway, tramway stood at the 3rd largest export products of the country during financial year 2015-16. Under chapter 87, India exported cars the most in this period. The trade value of India exports of cars recorded as USD 5392898000, which was down from the previous year. As per the India export data of cars 2015, the country sold the product the most to Mexico in the said year. Access the complete trade statistics for cars export data of India along with the few Indian exporters of cars right here.

  • 2015 Export Value of Cars: USD 5392898000
  • 2015 Share in Value of Cars: 2.04%
  • 2015 Largest Importer Country from India of Cars: Mexico (16%)
  • Highest Export Value of Cars Recorded in Year 2014: USD 5768978000

India Export Data of Cars for Last 5 Years

While looking at the India export statistics of cars during last 5 years, India registered a rise in the export value of cars from 2011 and till 2014. But year 2015 saw a slight decline in cars export value. The highest export value of cars was recorded in the year 2014. Find cars export data of India for last 5 years right through this chart.

Export Value 2011 (USD’000)
Export Value 2012 (USD’000)
Export Value 2013 (USD’000)
Export Value 2014 (USD’000)
Export Value 2015 (USD’000)

5 Largest Importer Countries to which India Exported Cars the Most in 2015

India exported cars the most to Mexico in the financial year 2015-16. The India export data of cars has revealed that Mexico’s share in value of cars to India exports was 16%, which was followed by South Africa and Sri Lanka. This cars export data of India has been revealed by Export Genius, a popular market research company. See the chart below to get the trade figures of 5 largest importer countries to which India exported cars the most in 2015.

List of Indian Exporters of Cars

If you own and operate an import-export business and want to import cars from India, then you first have to find the potential car suppliers of India. For this, you can attend trade exhibitions and global business events to find the real Indian exporters of cars. You can even get the market research services in which you can have complete India export data of cars. Below are the few car exporters of India for your business requirements.

Serial Number
Name of Indian Exporters of Cars
Speedways Electric
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Bajaj Auto Limited
TVS Motor Company Limited
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
Volkswagen India Private Limited
R.M. Exports
Force Motors Limited

All these trade statistics of India exports of cars have been revealed by Export Genius, which is a leading market research company. We carry the world’s largest database network through which we collect cars export data of India and other countries from customs and check every trade figure of its accuracy before supplying it to our esteemed clients.

If you want any kind of foreign trade data with complete shipment records, you can simply visit our website at www.exportgenius.in and fill up the trade enquiry through Quick Enquiry Form. Once we receive your trade enquiry, our sales representative will get back to you at the earliest possible time in order to understand your business requirements.

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