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What is HS Code Meaning? Where to Find HS Code?

HS (Harmonized System) Code is used to define a product in business. It contains internationally standardized numbers and names to classify each and every category of commodities. HS Codes are also known as tariff codes and are mandatory for both domestic and international import export business. What is HS Code? What is the structure of harmonized tariff code?  How to find harmonized code of a product? Where to find HS code of all products? Find answers of questions related to HS Code right here.

What is the Structure of HS Code?

Under Harmonized System, a code is given to all goods that are traded domestically and internationally. These products are listed into 21 Sections and 99 Chapters. In countries like India and Brazil HS Code up to 8-digit level is used, while there are few countries such as USA and Russia in which HS Code up to 10-digit level is used for product classification.

If we see structure of HS Code in India, the first two digits define a Chapter. The next two digits define the Heading. The third two digits define the HS Sub-Heading. And the last two digits define the Tariff Item Level. Let’s understand HS Code from the example given below:

How HS Code is Called in Various Countries?

Although HS Code is called with different names in various countries, but its main and only purpose is to define a product in business. So, let’s check out the names of HS Code that are used in different countries and find HS Code of all products in different countries.

NCM Code in Brazil

HS Code is called as NCM (Nomenclatura Comum do Mercosul in Brazil to classify a product in business. It is used up to 8-digit level for not only buying or selling goods domestically but trading commodities internationally. Search NCM Code in Brazil of your product with product description in both English and Brazilian language right here  

HS Code in China

China uses HS Code up to 8-digit level; however some products are classified up to 10-digit level as well. In China, HS Code is also called as Customs Tariff Code. Know HS Code of your product in English and Chinese language by clicking on the link given here   

HSN Code in India

What is HSN Code? In India, HS Code is named as HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) to categorize a product. It is used up to 8-digit level in a business. Find HSN Code list right at and get correct HS Code of your product.

BTKI Code in Indonesia

Indonesia uses BTKI (Buku Tarif Kepabeanan Indonesia) Code up to 8-digit level to classify a product in business. Get correct BTKI Code of your product both in English and Indonesian language right through  

HS Code in Russia

Russia uses Harmonized System Code up to 10-digit level for better classifying a product with greater specification. In this country, HS Code is also known as Tariff Code. Search for HS Code list of Russia with product description in both English and Russian language right at

HS Code in South Korea

South Korea also uses HS Code to define a product and up to 10-digit level. HS Code is also termed as Tariff Schedule in this country. So, look for HS Code of your product in English and Korean language right at  

HTS Number in USA

The United States of America takes HS as Harmonized Tariff Schedule. It uses the code up to 10-digit level for classifying a product in business with better specification. Find HTS Code in US of your product right through  

CTC(Custom Tariff Code) in Vietnam

In Vietnam, HS Code is called as Custom Tariff Code. It uses CTC up to 8-digit level. Are you looking for CTC of your product? Simply, visit at and enter product description in the search box. Also, select a chapter for better specification of a product.

Why is HS Code Important?

HS Codes are used to categorize a product in both domestic and international business. In import export activities, HS Code is important for companies and government. How? Let’s find out right away!

  • Companies: Importers and exporters use HS Code to pay custom duty levied on their products and file customs-based documents such as Shipping Bill, Bill of Lading, etc. By knowing correct HS Code of their product, they can avoid paying fines, having delayed consignments and coping up with increased inspections. Also, buyers and suppliers can avail various government benefits and schemes on import and export such as Duty Drawback, etc.  
  • Government: As far as government is concerned, customs officials and government representatives can uniformly identify imported and exported products so that they can easily levied purposed tax & duty. Also, government agencies can collect statistical information with the help of HS Code and use the correct HS number in global trade negotiations and enforcement of national laws & international treaties.  

How to Find Correct HS Code of Your Product?

Export Genius HS Code finder is the best option for finding correct HS Code of a product. Whether you are looking for HSN Code search tool to find HS Code of a product in India or HTS codes 2017 in US or HS Code of a product in any other country; follow the steps to find correct HS Code of your product.

Step 1 – Open Homepage ( -> Click on HS Code 2017

Step 2 – Select a Country and Click  (

Step 3 – Search HS Code Chapter-wise or Enter Product Description in the Search Bar

Know Unknown Historical Facts about HS Code
  •          HS Code is developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and it came into effect in 1988.
  •         Since inception, 5 revisions of HS Code have been taken place and currently, 2017 revision is being used worldwide.
  •          Among 99 Chapters, Chapter 77 is reserved for future use of classifying any new product and Chapter 99 is for commodities not elsewhere specified.

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