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12 Commercial Documents Which Required To Do Import-Export Business

A number of documents is required to do international trade including commercial documents, transport documents, financial documents, insurance documents and other international trade related documents. In this article, I would provide you the list of 12 commercial documents that are mandatory for importing or exporting goods through domestic and international territories of any country. These import export document can really helpful to stress for exporting or importing of your products. In short, I would like to introduce names of those 12 export import documents are - Pro Forma Invoice, Sales Contract, Quotation, Inspection Certificate, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Product Testing Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Insurance Policy, Health Certificate, Consular Invoice, ATA Carnet etc. For detail read below.

12 Required Commercial Documents to Do Import-Export Business

1.  Pro Forma Invoice: The Pro Forma Invoice is provided by the supplier prior to the shipment of merchandise, informing the buyer about the kinds & quantities of products being exporting along with their importation specifications like size & weight and value. It is prepared by exporter.

2.  Sales Contract: The Sales Contract is an agreement between the buyer and seller that stipulates every detail of transaction. It is prepared by exporter and importer both.

3.  Quotation: A Quotation is an offer to sell products. It should state clearly the quantity, details of quality & price of the products along with the delivery terms & payment terms. It is prepared by exporter.

4.  Inspection Certificate: The Inspection Certificate is issued by the independent inspection company or the exporter on the specifications of shipment including quantity, quality or price of the products, required by the certain countries or buyers. It is prepared by the Inspection Company or exporter.

5.  Packing List: Packing List consists of detailed information of packing the goods that are shipped. It is prepared by the exporter.

6.  Commercial Invoice: The Commercial Invoice is a formal demand note for the payment that is issued by the supplier to the buyer for commodities that are sold under a sales contract. It contains the details of products sold, payment terms and trade terms. It is used for the customs clearance of products and sometimes for foreign exchange purpose by the importer. It is prepared by the exporter.

7.  Product Testing Certificate: Product Testing Certificate is a document to conform a certain national or international technical standard such as safety, product quality and specifications. It is prepared by the accredited laboratories.

8.  Insurance Certificate: Insurance Certificate is issued on the shipment being insured under a given open policy. It covers loss or damage of the cargo while in transit. It is prepared by the insurer or insurance agent.

9.  Insurance Policy: Insurance Policy is a commercial document that contains the complete details of the insurance coverage. It is an evidence of insured products that are to be shipped. It is prepared by the insurer or insurance broker.

10.  Health Certificate: The Health Certificate is issued when food or agricultural products are being exported. This certifies that these products comply with the relevant legislation in the exporter’s country and were in right condition at the time of inspection, prior to shipment and fit for human consumption. It is prepared by exporter or inspection authority.

11.  Consular Invoice: The Consular Invoice is required by some foreign countries. It shows shipment information such as product description, value of products, details of consignee & consignor and so on. It is prepared by exporter.

12.  ATA Carnet: ATA Carnet is an international customs document that is used to obtain the duty-free temporary admission for products such as samples & professional equipment and exhibits for international trade fairs, into the countries that are signatories to the ATA Convention. It is prepared by exporter.

All these are commercial documents only; do follow us to know about other documents for doing international trade.

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Wood Export Data of Indonesia 2015 - Indonesia Export Statistics of Wood

Wood stood at the 9th largest exports of Indonesia during financial year 2015-16. The country sold wood worth USD 4001578000 in 2015. According to the wood export data of Indonesia, the export value of wood was on the rise from 2010 to 2014, however, the export figure of wooden fell down in the year 2015. These Indonesia export statistics of wood has been revealed by Export Genius, a leading market research company. To access complete and accurate Indonesia wood export data, see below.

Export Figures of Wood Recorded from 2010 to 2015

As per the wood export data of Indonesia, since 2010, the country has been registering a favourable rise in the export value of wood. However, the export value of wood fell down in the year 2015. See below to get Indonesia export statistics of wood of last 6 years.

  • Export Value in 2010: USD 293591000
  • Export Value in 2011: USD 3374910000
  • Export Value in 2012: USD 3448545000
  • Export Value in 2013: USD 3634924000
  • Export Value in 2014: USD 4071121000
  • Export Value in 2015: USD 4001578000 

After seeing these export figures of wood, we can say that wood was among the largest exported products of Indonesia in the financial year 2015-16. Indonesia sold wood products the most to China in the said period. In the below table, you will find the list of wood products that were exported by Indonesia the most in the year 2015, along with their export values and other Indonesia wood export data and report of the said year.

Complete List of Wood Products with 2014 Export Value

HS Code
Product Description
Exported Value of 2015 (USD’000)
Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood
Wood continuously shaped along any edges
Builders' joinery & carpentry of wood
Wood charcoal (including shell or nut charcoal)
Fuel wood; wood in chips or particles; sawdust & wood waste & scrap
Fibreboard of wood or other ligneous materials
Wood marquetry & inlaid wood; caskets & cases or cutlery of wood
Wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects
Wood sawn/chipped lengthwise, sliced/peeled
Veneer sheets & sheets for plywood &other wood sawn lengthwise
Tableware and kitchenware of wood
Packaging materials of wood
Tools, tool & broom bodies & handles, shoe lasts of wood
Articles of wood, nes
Particle board and similar board of wood or other ligneous materials
Casks, barrels, vats, tubs etc. of wood
Wood wool; wood flour
Densified wood, in blocks, plates, strips or profile shapes

Growth in Export Value of Wood Prior to 2015

According to wood export data of Indonesia, the growth export value fell and became negative in the financial year 2014-15. See the chart below to get the growth in export value of wood of last 5 years.

Sample Indonesia Export Data of Wood

Looking for wood export data of Indonesia? If yes, then you must know how we provide trade report and which data fields we cover the in the statistical report of Indonesia. For this, see the Indonesia wood export data sample right below.

HS Code
Product Description
Medium Density Fibre Board (2.0mm X 1220mm X 2440 Mm) (Aifta Certi.No.0045447/Jkm/2015)(1600 Pcs 95.256 Cbm @ 275$)
Indonesian Exporter Name
M/S. Pt.Masari Dwisepakat Fiber
Address of Exporter
Jl.Raya Karawang Cikampek Km.9, 3 Ds.Gintung Kerta, Kec. Klari, Karawaindonesia
Importer Name
Planet Impex
Importer Address
110,Victoria Road, Behind Union, Bank Of India, Byculla,
Unit Price
Total Value in USD

This wood export data of Indonesia has been prepared by a specialized database team of Export Genius, having great knowledge of the market research industry. If you want to get complete Indonesia report of wood export, visit at Also, drop your trade enquiries for getting import-export data of any country or product at

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Brazil Export Data - Customs Data and Trade Report of Brazil Exports

As we found in export data of Brazil which is based on the customs shipment records of last 15 years, Brazil recorded the highest export value of total products in the financial year 2011-2012. Since 2008, the Brazil export statistics have been fluctuating. The country recorded export value of total products at USD 191126886000 in the last year. Brazil did maximum business with China in year 2015. This Brazil export data has been revealed in the Export Genius customs report on exports of Brazil during 2001-2015. Access complete trade statistics of Brazil exports right here.

Brazil exported soya beans that come under chapter 12 the most in the financial year 2015-16. Its total export value in the said year stood at USD 20983575000, down from the previous year. If we see the export data of Brazil customs in the below given chart, the country has been experiencing a zig-zag trade scenario in the last 10 years. Till 2008, the export value of Brazil trade was on the rise, but in 2009, the export value products decreased. Then from 2010, the trade figures of Brazil exports went up till 2011. And from 2012, Brazil total exports started declining till the last year. This chart given below shows Brazil export data and trade statistics of total products recorded in the last 15 years.

Export Value 2001 (USD’000)
Export Value 2002 (USD’000)
Export Value 2003 (USD’000)
Export Value 2004 (USD’000)
Export Value 2005 (USD’000)
Export Value 2006 (USD’000)
Export Value 2007 (USD’000)
Export Value 2008 (USD’000)
Export Value 2009 (USD’000)
Export Value 2010 (USD’000)
Export Value 2011 (USD’000)
Export Value 2012 (USD’000)
Export Value 2013 (USD’000)
Export Value 2014 (USD’000)
Export Value 2015 (USD’000)

Major Brazil Exports of 2015: Soya Beans (10.98 percent to total exports); Iron Ores (7.36 percent); Crude Petroleum Oil (6.16 percent); Meat (6.84 percent); Machinery (5.94 percent); Vehicles Other Than Railway, Tramway (5.03 percent); Iron and Steel (4.67 percent); Sugars (4.07 percent).

Top Export Partners of Brazil in 2015: China (18.6 percent to total exports); United States of America (12.7 percent); Argentina (6.7 percent); Netherlands (5.3 percent); Germany (2.7 percent); Japan (2.5 percent); Chile (2.1 percent).

Brazil Export Data of 15 Largest Products

Brazil Export Product
2015 Export Value (USD'000)
2014 Export Value (USD'000)
Highest Export Value (USD'000)
2015 Largest Importer Country from Brazil (USD'000)
Exports of Soya Beans
23277378 (Year 2014)
China (15,787,786)
Exports of Ground Nuts
0116978 (Year 2015)
Netherlands (22,901)
Exports of Iron Ores
41817251 (Year 2011)
China (6,452,278)
1984114 (Year 2015)
Germany (481,183)
Exports of Crude Petroleum Oil
21603316 (Year 2011)
China (4,138,635)
Exports of Petroleum Oil
05367788 (Year 2012)
Netherlands Antilles (496,994)
Exports of Meat and Edible Offal
7242553 (Year 2011)
Saudi Arabia (1,359,635)
Exports of Meat of Bovine Animals
4960235 (Year 2014)
Hong Kong, China (657,664)
14084439 (Year 2011)
United States of America (3,293,326)
Exports of Turbo-jets
1976195 (Year 2015)
United States of America (1,679,101)
Exports of Cars
5484727 (Year 2013)
Argentina (2,541,111)
Exports of Iron and Steel
12845907 (Year 2008)
United States of America (2,981,086)
6052719 (Year 2014)
United States of America (1,184,673)
Exports of Cereals
7068140 (Year 2013)
Vietnam (902,947)
Exports of Cane or Beet Sugar
14941663 (Year 2011)
China (763,507)

Sample for Export Data of Brazil

If you are planning to import products from Brazil, then you must have clear trade picture of Brazil. Also, you must trade with the genuine Brazil exporters in order to avoid any business risk or fraud. For this, you need to for the market research services that will help you in getting the exact figures of Brazil imports and exports. Also, through Brazil export data 2015, you will be able to get the potential Brazil exporters to import products from the country. Here is the sample of Brazil export of iron scrap that will help you in knowing how the trusted market research company provides export data of Brazil.

HS Code
Product Description
Iron Scrap
Brazil Exporter Name
Comercial Doria De Metais Ltda
Sao Paulo
Shipping Method
By Sea
Total Value (USD)
Destination Country

This customs report on exports of Brazil has been prepared by the experienced team of Export Genius. Our database professionals collect the Brazil export data from customs and check the accuracy of every trade figure in order to provide the most correct export statistics of Brazil to the clients. So, you can completely rely on their market research services and get the import-export data of any country along with the genuine shipment records. 

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