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Find Major Pharmaceuticals Importers of Russia Here

How to find major pharmaceuticals importers of Russia? Well, one of the great options can be market research companies. Since some time, the industry of market research has been growing greatly. They collect import-export data from customs and deliver them to their clients in order to meet their requirements. In a crowded market research market, Export Genius is also a name that provides foreign trade data. If you are looking for major pharmaceuticals importers of Russia, have a glance of this content.

Russia Import Value of Pharmaceutical Products during 2015

Russia’s total import value of pharmaceuticals products drop down in the year 2015. To get the import figures of pharmaceutical products, see below..
  • Russia Import Value of Pharmaceutical Products in 2015: USD 8354620000
  • Share in Value of Pharmaceutical Products during 2015: 4.71%

Top 3 Exporter Countries of Pharmaceutical Products to Russia in 2015

Russia purchased pharmaceutical products the most from Germany, followed by France and United States of America in the year 2015. Germany’s total share in value of pharmaceuticals stood at 19.6% in the said year. For more information, see the diagram right below..

Year-wise Evaluation of Top 3 Exporter Countries – Who Export Pharmaceuticals to Russia

If we look at year-wise Russia import figures of pharmaceutical products of top 3 exporter countries, all the countries experienced a decline in the value during 2015. Except United States of America, Germany and France recorded the import value of the product in half during 2015 as compared to the previous year. Let’s understand the pharmaceuticals import data of Russia through the below graph.

Imported Value 2011 (USD’000)
Imported Value 2012 (USD’000)
Imported Value 2013 (USD’000)
Imported Value 2014 (USD’000)
Imported Value 2015 (USD’000)
United States of America

Major Pharmaceuticals Importers of Russia

Want to get the major pharmaceuticals importers of Russia? If so, then see the table below.

Serial Number
Name of Russian Importers of Pharmaceutical Products

127473, G. MOSKVA, UL. Krasnoproletarskaya, D. 16, P. 3 OFFICE 8
Cjsc "Delrus-Farm"
123308,, Moscow, Khoroshevskoe Highway, D. 43g, P.1, Of.3
Representation Of "Quintiles Gezmbh"
125167, Russian Federation, Moscow, Leningrad Prospect, D. 37 A Corp. 14
Ltd. "Rota"
117342, G. Moskva, Ul. General Antonov, D. 3a
Representation Of The Company Limited Liability Company "F.Hoffmann La Roche Ltd."
107031, Moscow, Trubnaya Square, E.2
Ltd. "DIAEM"
127299,, Moscow, Kosmonavtov Street Volkova, 10, P.1
Cjsc "Akrus"
117292, G. Moskva, Ul. Dmitry Ulyanov, House 7a
Zao "3m Russia"
121614, Russia, Moscow, Krylatskoe Str., 17, Building 3
123592, Moscow, G. MOSKVA, UL.KULAKOVA, D.20
Cjsc "Sanofi Russia"
125009, Ul. Tverskaya, D.22
Llc "Invest Group"
214525,, Smolensk, Ul. Sanatorium, D. 1
127238, Moscow, PR 3RD Nizhnelihoborsky, 1a, Page 6
Ооо "Совртех"
127473, G. Moskva, Ul. Krasnoproletarskaya, D. 16, P. 3 Office 8
Scientific-Production Association Deost "
142290, Moscow Region., Pushchino, Ul.Institutskaya Ups Ras
109004, Moscow, UL.NIKOLOYAMSKAYA, D.54
Cjsc "Delrus-Farm"
123308,, Moscow, Khoroshevskoe Highway, D. 43g, P.1, Of.3
Sp Kashirskaya Tatiana
142791, Moscow Region, Leninsky District, Village Voskresensky, D.30, Kv.27
Representation Of The Corporation "Pfizer EYCH.SI.PI.KORPOREYSHN" (USA), Moscow
123317, Moscow, Presnensky QUAY, 10
Ltd. "Dr.Reddi's Laboratories"
115035, Moscow, Nab Ovchinnikovsky Ad 20, P.1

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