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6 Global Hot Spots for Running a Small Export Business

Want to make your small business a great success? Wish to take your company into the international markets? In that case, you need to know the global markets that have become hot spots for running a small export business in an efficient way. Your business competitors are heavily boosting their global market share, and you can too. Exporting your products and services into the international markets is one of the best options to expand your business. And if it is done properly, you can considerably increase your company profits as well. Here I will let you know the top 6 trendy export markets for doing a small business successfully.

6 Global Hot Spots for Running a Small Export Business are following :


China, a south-east country has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies. From some time, it has developed bilateral relationships with developing countries including India and Pakistan by putting up its electronic, smartphone and plastics market in these countries. 

In recent decades, China has played an extensive role in calling for free trade areas and security pacts amongst its Asia-Pacific neighbours.

Promising Markets: Electronics, Machinery, Plastics, Clothing, Footwear and Medical & Technical Equipment


Brazil, having the largest population in South America, is known to be the powerful country for the agriculture industry. At the same time, it is also one of the biggest IT hubs in the world. 

Today, Brazil is heavily investing on its infrastructure for the upcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, which is likely to be held in the month of August. When exporting your products to Brazil, do check with the local officials about import-export regulations as these can vary by classification.

Promising Markets: Agricultural Processing Equipment, IT Products & Services and Consumer Products


India is of course, one of the biggest emerging markets with a big appetite for American goods and services. In 2008, India signed Indo-US Civil Nuclear Deal with America with an aim to develop its nuclear infrastructure. Their bilateral trade relationships have developed into a global strategic partnership. 

You may some challenges while exporting your goods to India. These include multiple languages and high tariffs.

Promising Markets: Electronics, Pollution Control & Clean Energy Equipment, Cold Storage & Food Processing Equipment and Industrial Textiles


Indonesia is having the largest economy in Southeast Asia. It is the top-ten market for US agricultural products. 

The bilateral trade relationship between Indonesia and US has been on the high rise for boosting the economic partnership.

Promising Markets: Financial & Banking Services and IT Products


Mexico is another hot spot for doing an export business. Although the country has a long-lasting trade relationship with US, it represents the 2nd largest export market for US goods. I recommend you to retain a lawyer before signing any agreements with Mexican company because the legal system of trading goods in Mexico is different from that in the other countries.

Promising Markets: Tourism Services, Consumer Products, Housing & Construction and Packaging & Plastics Products


Vietnam is also a hot country for exporting goods. 
Its telecommunications industry is among the world’s fastest growing telecommunications markets. 

So, if you want to expand your small business and start exporting your products and services in the international markets, you have Vietnam market as a better option.

Promising Markets: Plastics Equipment, Machinery, IT Hardware & Software and Education Services

My Last Words

Exporting goods into international markets is not an easy task as compared to sell goods into the domestic markets. Trade regulations, financial & cultural risks, reliability of trading partner and so on are few factors that are involved in selling products internationally. I hope this piece of content would help you in getting some information on the most happening international markets for exporting goods. So, be confident and verify everything before you start your small export business. I am sure you will achieve success in your export business.

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