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List of Wood Exporters of Indonesia during 2014

Wood managed to keep its presence in Indonesia’s top 10 exports during financial year 2014-15. And undoubtedly, export data is showing that the performance of wood got better from 2010 to 2014. If we see the real figures available at Export Genius.
Indonesia exported wood worth USD 4071121000 to various countries in 2014, which was slight increase from the previous year’s USD 3634924000. In addition to this, its share in value to total exports of Indonesia increased from 1.99% in 2013 to 2.31% in 2014. So, we can say that the country is doing a great job when it comes to export wood to other nations.

Now who all were the suppliers of Indonesia that sold wood in year 2014 to different countries? To know the answer of it, see the table below!

List of Wood Exporters of Indonesia during 2014
Serial Number
Name of Exporter
Sahabat Kayu Indah
Gg. Peringgan Dusun Iv, Deli Serdang
Tanjung Timberindo Industry
Jl. Utama No. 108 Dusun I, Deli Serdang
Agungberkat Bintatarabadi
Jl. Bangun Mulyo No.41, Deli Serdang
Karunia Rimba Makmur Semesta
Jl. Mesjid Gang. Rezeki No. 8, Deli Serdang
Jia Lin Wood
Jl. Selamat No. 22, Kompos, Deli Serdang
Karya Wisesa
Jl. Asia Makmur Blok Ll No. 128 Ckomp. Asia Mega Mas, Medan
Pt. Morawa Inawood Industry
Jl. Industri No. 86 Tanjung Morawa B, Km. 18,5, Deli Serdang
Batang Kuis No. 8a, Deli Serdang

Top 3 Countries to Whom Indonesia Sold Wood the Most in 2014
Japan was the largest importer of Indonesia’s wood during financial year 2014-15, followed by China and United States of America. Among top 5 country importers of Indonesia wood, Republic of Korea and Australia hold fourth and fifth positions respectively. Here is an overall view of Indonesia 5 top country importers of wood of 2014 with a comparison of their export value of previous years…

Year-wise Comparison in Export Value of Top 5 Countries to Whom Indonesia Exported Wood the Most in 2014

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